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An access control card is seen as an authorization used to gain entry to any place or area having automated access control entry points. The entry points may be doors, parking gates, barriers of any kind or turnstiles. The access control card uses different technologies to identify the holder of the card to an access control system. Out of all the technologies used by the access control card, the most common technologies are magnetic stripe, smart cards, biometric devices, proximity, and barcode. The most famous of the above-listed technologies is the magnetic strip ID card invented by Forrest Parry in 1960.

Talking about multi-functional ID cards, the major applications or technology you hear more often is the card access control. The innovation in the technology of cards has empowered card-based access control systems to become increasingly useful for a wide range of users, used for securing office buildings, government facilities and important places used for storing important information and privacy to mention but a few. The access control card works as keyless entry to important or highly sensitive areas, that is why there is usually a card which is the access control card used to allow entry or passage.

Card Access Control Dallas

The access control card has to work together with card readers that are placed at the doors to gain entrance to buildings or high-security areas within a facility limited to top personnel or persons. The card is usually swiped or waved in front of the reader placed in the entrance, which in turn, processes and checks very fast the information on the card before allowing or denying entrance. It is unarguably more secure than using key entrance because if the access control card is stolen or lost, it can be deactivated and unlike the normal key lock, the access control card is virtually impossible to duplicate the cards.

The different types of card access control technologies can be tailored to any business or organization that is looking for a need for controlled entry. Like the magnetic stripe kind of access control card has stored encoded information on a magnetic stripe which the readers placed on the entrance reads and decodes when swiped. There are still higher levels of security access control cards provided by proximity cards and smart cards that are commonly used among large corporations like the cards that have an embedded smart chip in the ID card and also those types that don’t necessarily require contact between the card and the reader using RFID technology. These smart access control cards are convenient and sophisticated that securely store encrypted information, and just need the user to tap or wave the card in front of the reader.

Before the access control card can function properly, there are three main components housed within the plastic of the card which are;

  • The capacitor
  • An integrated circuit (IC) which contains the bearer’s ID number
  • An antenna which is usually coil or wire.


There is a short-range radio frequency field that is constantly emitted from an antenna that is on the wall of an RFID reader. The Dallas locksmith services will help in giving you a better understanding of the security of your properties or buildings through the card access control card and system.

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