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Locks are the universal counterparts to a majority of doors—including the industrial or commercial models. The types of door are so much, and they each have their own uses as well as features. In the same way, there is a wide range of lock types for these uses, each of which as well have their varied uses. This is the reason there are locks fashioned to work best in residential settings while others are tailored to work better in industrial—or commercial—buildings.

Some of the most common types of industrial doors and keys include the cylindrical lever locks, mortise locks, keypad door locks panic bars also called crash bars and the industrial electric strike doors. Nonetheless, industrial door locks have one to three common ways you can change them if need be. But it still depends on the type of door and whether it is something simple enough for you to DIY it.

Change Industrial Keys Dallas

The first thing to do is open the box which acts as a house to the locks. Lay the insides you have brought out and set them carefully on a table or cart close by. These locks usually come put-together, so before you can pull them apart, take note of which end has the lock or the hole for the lock cylinder. Do make sure to keep these offcuts together. Should you have enough room, lay these pieces out left to the right to keep a record of the order in which you have taken the apart.

A good number of keyed latches come with the cylinder out of the latch. Just keep in mind, however, that the screws are usually found on the inside or the on the non-keyed handle side of the latch. This cannot be overemphasized because it is very important to remember if you do not want to make a mess of those industrial keys.

Going forward, De-install the existing latch and remove the old and install new latch bolt.  Then install the new cylindrical housing into the hole in the door, after which you’d place the outside rose insert over the support plate. Put the inside support plate over the lever sleeve and screw it correctly into place, making sure to avoid complications. Then secure the inside rose insert to the inside support plate with two short screws. Slide the inside lever over the lever sleeve and click into place. Install the outside lever with the key cylinder over the lever sleeve and click into place.

When you first see it, this process looks a little daunting, but if you read through it while looking at the exploded. The most important thing though, is protecting that venture inside. Security is a priority when you own a business. Making sure your livelihood is protected at all times is a non-negotiable one. It is for this reason that it is imperative to not only have the proper commercial locks installed in your business but to make sure that they’re properly maintained and replaced when necessary.

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