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It is obvious that there are noticeable innovation in the normal lock and key systems, the normal operation is still what it is since the first lock was invented more than a thousand years ago, it is the normal piece of metal shaped in the right way pushes pins inside a lock into the right position, allowing the lock mechanism to turn. As humans, it’s been tough to change or stop a system that has been working well and quite reliable for a whole long time. But they’ve been a remarkable improvement on the lock and key system, beautiful innovation that has made it better and boosts the security of your building and properties like the introduction of the smart lock.

Smart locks are electromechanical locks that are created for security purposes which works by locking and unlocking operations on a door when it gets and processes such instructions from an authorized person through the use of an authorized device using a wireless protocol and a cryptographic key to execute or device to carry out the authorization process. The smart lock device also helps in monitoring access and notifies the owners on every event it monitors and some other critical events related to the status and according to the setup of the device.

Smart Locks Dallas

Usually, when you have a lock on your door, simple mechanical types of locks, you can physically upgrade these ordinary types of locks by installing the electromechanical locks which are the smart locks and this helps improve the security of your home. Like the ordinary or tradition lock that have two parts, the smart lock also need two main parts to function properly which is the lock and the key, but for the smart lock, the key is not a physical key like the key for the ordinary lock but a smartphone or a special key fob wired explicitly for just that purpose which does the function of automatically unlocking the door by authenticating the right request wirelessly.

Anyone who is operating a smart lock as a security measure in their building or property has the opportunity to grant access to another individual using a virtual key. This virtual key which can be in the form of a code or something can be sent to the recipient smartphone through the normal messaging process like the electronic mail (e-mail) or SMS. The recipient now has the privilege of unlocking the smart lock and having access to the secured area within the time specified by the sender or main user of the smart lock.

You want to pick a smart lock for your home or building, there are some important things to put into considerations, as we all know, all products can be great for one person and may not be the best option for another, depending on so many factors. That is why you should consider these things when buying a smart lock.

  • Check for how smart it is because some smart locks cannot work with some smartphones. Pick what works well with your smartphone.
  • Ensure the smart lock is compatible with the smart hub in your home.
  • If you can replace your entire lock or retrofit which is installing the smartphone in conjunction with your precious knob or lock.
  • If it has great power backup
  • If it has an alternate entry means in case you misplace your phone
  • Guest access features and geofencing.


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