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A safe which is also known as a strongbox or coffer is a secure box that is lockable and used for securing valuable objects and important materials which can be paper documents, money, jewelry or anything of importance to you against theft, damage or fire destruction. In most cases, a safe is usually constructed in the shape of a cylinder or hollow cuboid with one part being removable or hinged to the body of the safe to form a door. The body of the safe and the door may be created from metal or created from plastic through blow molding. One notable difference between the types of safes to look out for is to know if the safe is secured to a wall or constructed or if it is movable.

The history of safes can be traced back to as early as 1835 and was created by English investors Charles and Jeremiah Chubb in England when they received the right to create a burglar-resisting safe and hence began producing safes. They first started producing locks around 1818 until their independent company was sold to another company called Assa Abloy in 2000. Another inventor called Henry Brown also received a patent to get a box for storing and preserving papers. The container he created had strong proof against fire and was accident resistant because of the material it was made with which is the most important thing to consider when getting a safe box.

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There are necessary factors to consider when getting or acquiring a safe box for your home, office or wherever you want to fix the safe. These factors are listed below in no particular order;

The lock of the safe

There are different types of safe and they lock differently depending on the type you want to acquire. There is the touch keypad that allow the owner to create a different PIN or multiple PINs for different people depending on the number of people they want to give access to the safe and there are the biometric safes that allow only one user which requires fingerprint as the only locking structure to secure important belongings in the safe. There is also another type of safe popular among users of safe which requires both a combination lock and a key and it is known as the dual lock.

But most importantly, no matter the type of safe you want, it is necessary that it has a backup unlocking option in cases where the batteries are dead or you forget your passcode and you really need to access the safe, there will be a backup spare key to access the safe and do what you need to do.

Resistance to environmental hazards like water, fire or dust

When getting a safe, check that it protects your valuables from damages not planned for like environmental hazards. The safe should be able to keep your documents or belongings safe from water in case of submersion or humidity which you should check out for especially if you will be keeping the safe in areas that hold moisture. The safe should also be dustproof to protect your belongings from dust which could damage the content of the safe. Also, the safe has to be fireproof, a good fireproof safe should be able to withstand heat past 1000 degrees for up to 2 hours to ensure the safety of your valuables in case of a fire outbreak you will want to ensure that your valuables are safe from getting destroyed.

The size of the safe

When getting a safe, the size of the safe matters also. A large safe should be considered when you have bigger valuables or materials to secure and keep safe because it is designed to be spacious, but when you have smaller valuables like documents e.t.c you can go for small safes as they have a compact design to fit in any small area. Having issues understanding what to do, contact Dallas locksmith.

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