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Losing your keys (whether house, office, car) can be a challenging ordeal. However, the fact that losing your keys can be challenging does not mean that the fallout is impossible to handle. What is the result of losing your keys, you might ask? Well, there are a couple of scenarios that every Dallas resident will have to take into consideration. Once you have a grasp on the effects of losing your keys, you will have a better approach to answering the question about whether or not you should change your locks.

The main fallout of lost keys is security related. Your keys are the gateway to your properties, and losing this restricts your access, while potentially giving someone unfettered access to them. It is for this reason that many people ask about replacing locks as a result of lost keys.

Replace Lost Key Dallas

Why should you change your locks?

Locks are paired with their respective keys. So, if you’ve lost your keys, some aspect of your locks will have to change to compensate for this loss. A key determines the way access is granted or barred to your property. Everyone should be aware of this fact when they are dealing with their lost keys. There is no law stating you should change your locks if you’ve lost keys, but neglecting to do leaves your security up to chance, and that’s not a safe bet. Changing your locks is the easiest way of negating any vulnerabilities that could stem from lost keys.

When people talk about changing locks, they often assume the entire lockset has to be replaced. However, changing locks can apply to rekey locks as well. The process of rekeying allows old locks to be retrofitted to work with a new key. Rekeying a lock means that property owners will have a new key to use on their lock while simultaneously negating all previously working keys. In effect, a key aspect of the lock has been changed without doing away with the entire lock body.

Arriving at the final answer to the question about whether or not you should change your locks, depends on multiple factors. These factors range from how your keys were lost, to the amount of money that you are willing to spend on changing your locks because of your lost keys. People should always ask themselves these questions when trying to figure out if their locks should be changed because of lost keys.

If your keys were stolen, then the security and safety of your property should be prioritized as you consider changing your locks. On the other hand, if you happened to misplace your keys, there is a very slim chance that burglars will find your lost key and trace it back to you.

Homeowners should change their locks if the lost house key is a master key. Ideally, this should be done regardless of whether your house keys were lost because of theft or because of your negligence.

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