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As much as the locksmith does different types of jobs, a commercial Locksmith has additional responsibilities owing to the need to protect confidentially and private information at the workplace. Other than replacements, rekeying, and repairing locks, they ensure there are advanced security measures at the commercial premises.

The significant difference between a commercial and residential locksmith in the field, which they operate in. Unlike others, commercial locksmiths offer their services to businesses. These can be government offices, large corporations, retail shops, hospitals, restaurants, and colleges, among others. However, you should note that training is simply the same. This does not imply that they will not respond to calls from the residential customers or requests concerning automobiles. This is dependent on whether they are working for a firm or independently.

Luckily for Dallas Businesses, the locksmiths of are professionals dedicated to staying in front of the latest business security products and are trained to both consult and service virtually every system on the market.

Commercial Locks Dallas

Furthermore, commercial locksmiths must stay updated on the latest lock and key technologies for business applications. Some larger businesses require keyless fingerprinting or barcode scanning for facility access. Others rely on top-quality locking systems requiring advanced key systems and frequent rekeying to ensure security.

Typical duties of a commercial locksmith

Installing new locks

This is the main role of a commercial locksmith. In this case, it involves the installation of both indoor and outdoor locks. Moreover, it can include the installation of keyless and keyed locks. Magnetic locks, card access systems, and biometrics are some of the keyless entry systems. They can also help in the event of employee dismissals and layoffs. When a company terminates employees, some refuse to return keys due to grudges. In that case, there is a need to reinstall all locks on the business premises.

Rekeying and repairing existing locks

The damaged locks need timely repair, particularly at business centers and commercial enterprises. Natural tear and wear can make locks get damaged. Thus, you will need to extract key stuck in the locks. The other important procedure is rekeying. The process involves changing the internal tumbler. It is similar to installing locks since the old ones cannot operate them.

Duplicating keys

Commercial locksmiths can come to your rescue during lockouts. By duplicating your key, it can open doors for you. You can also request spare sets in case you have misplaced your keys.

Onsite security systems

These types of locksmiths can offer adequate help when it comes to fitting monitoring and security systems on your premises. Since security needs vary from one company to another, a professional locksmith will evaluate your security needs and eliminate guesswork. From the evaluation, they can design security systems that suit your budget and needs. This is inclusive of video surveillance and CCTV security cameras.

Master key systems

These are designed to provide convenience without compromising on the security of the business. They give your staff access and restrain them from areas that they are not authorized.

Every business possesses its security situation and locking/ unlocking needs. At SOS Locksmith, we offer all types of commercial locksmith services you need. We are offering our services 24/7/365. Once you call on us, we shall dispatch a well-trained and licensed Lock-expert to you.

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