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It is very difficult and almost impossible (but not impossible) for elderly people or individuals with disabilities to open, close and have access to doors in any building. This is usually a moment of difficulty transitioning or trying to gain access for physically challenged people who need the assistance of either a wheelchair, walker or scooter, they either get stuck there or take more time, or they simply just call for help that is if anybody is around to help them.

This population of people will need some type of door assist or control to assist them with gaining access through the door. Not just people who are physically challenged but anybody who wants an easy passage to the building or out of the building. There are electronic devices installed on your door to make it an electric door opener, modifying your door by installing an electric door opener which also increases security in your building. 

Electric door opener is an electronic device that can be installed on your doors in your office or home use to automatically operate the doors, this turns the door from a manually operated door to an automatic door. The automatic door is popularly found in shopping centers or malls, schools and the train stations, to mention a few. The electric door system can be used for swing doors and sliding doors as well.

The electric door opener operates the door in an automated fashion by using a range of sensors that can detect various things such as sound, motion, light, and weight. There are various types of sensors and each one can work effectively in different environments and according to how it’s programmed. Some of these automated doors use remote radio for transmission. The door opener receives a signal from the remote control which activates its relay and then starts the operation.

Some of these doors use weight sensors to know when its suppose to open when people stand on something disguise as a rubber mat in front of the door or the doors with the motion sensors placed in some areas around the door and then detects movement around the door which then sends signals to the door to either open or close when the sensors are activated. The automated electric door opener can be subgrouped into some categories like;

Sensor electric door opener

The sensor electric door as the name implies uses a sensor to open or close the door as earlier stated. The popular type of sensor electric door is the infrared-motion sensors. This type of sensor electric door detects the infrared energy emitted from the human body once someone is in front of the door.

Remote control electric door

The remote control electric door as the name implies uses a remote control device to automatically operate the door. One can simply press a button in the remote control device which could be handheld or attached to a key-chain. Once there is a transmission between the remote device and the receiver on the door, the door automatically opens. In some cases, the door will delay a bit before closing or the person needs to keep pressing the button until they have completely gone through.

Touch electric door

In the touch electric automatic door, there is a switch or panel mounted on the wall frame of the door or close to the door, all you need to do is to press the switch or panel and the door operates itself.

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