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An electromagnetic lock also known as a magnetic lock and popularly called a maglock is a locking device that consists of an armature plate and an electromagnet. Before going more into the electromagnetic device, it is a good idea that we know that there are two main types of electric locking devices. There is the locking device that is fail-safe and there is the other type of locking device that is fail secure. The fail-safe locking device is that device that is unlocked when power or electric is disconnected from the lock, while a fail-secure locking device is that device that remains locked even when power is lost. An electromagnetic lock is naturally fail-safe.

Generally, the electromagnet part of the lock is fixed to the door frame and a mating armature plate is fixed to the door. These two different parts come in contact when the door is closed. Then when there is a supply of electricity or the electromagnet is energized through electricity, a current passing through the electromagnet creates a magnetic flow which will cause the attraction of the armature plate to the electromagnet, creating a formidable locking action.

Electromagnetic Locks Dallas

The force created by the magnetic flux is strong enough to keep the door locked under even under pressure or stress, the doors with electromagnetic locks cannot be forced open without the use of the confirmed access method. This is made possible because the main area of the electromagnet and armature is relatively large and the flow of current. Typical electromagnetic locks are seen in both 600 lbs and 1200 lbs or 2669 N and 5338 N dynamic holding force capacities.

The fact that the electromagnetic lock is typically fail-safe gives any operator peace of mind if power is turned off in case there is an emergency in the building that requires occupants to vacate the building immediately, the lock automatically releases to allow safe exit. The popular Dallas locksmith services(SOS) can provide quality services and on the best electromagnetic locks with high power for your building. Low-risk security applications like interior doors, staffed areas, and storage closets can also have an electromagnetic lock. Electromagnetic locks are considered a very secure type of locks by many specialists because they are rarely hacked and intensely reliable, they are also fast and easy to install.

Sometimes, people think because an electromagnetic lock is a fail-safe and it requires power to remain locked then it is easily accessible, anyone can disable the lock by disrupting the power supply, well, that is why you can add a magnetic bond sensor to the lock and also use a backup power supply like a battery backup capability e.t.c, you have just increased security of the electromagnetic lock.

That is why the electromagnetic locks are more suited for use on emergency exit doors and the emergency exit doors should be available in any building with lots of occupants. They are best on emergency exit doors that have fire safety applications as they have no moving parts, due to this reason there are less likely to fail than other types of electric locks.

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