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Before proceeding to install a lock in your home, the most important thing to consider is the type of lock which is right for your door. This process should never be neglected. You may experience some confusion on how to go about this. This is precisely where we come in; let’s break it down for you.

Installing The Right Lock

Like we have mentioned before, homeowners want to ensure that they have the best locks to help keep their homes secure and comfortable at all times. Since they are many different ways to bypass door locks, paying close attention while choosing locks is very important.

Typically, most door locks come with some basic features. There is a bolt that extends from the lock to fit into the strike. The strike’s location is at the frame of the door. Just like the material of the door determines its strength, the bolt’s nature is the primary determinant of how strong the lock will be.

Install Locks Dallas

Pertaining to exterior doors, there are two major types of preferred bolts for homeowners and locksmiths. They are deadbolts and latch bolts.

Deadbolts are not spring-loaded, neither are they angled. Spring-loaded bolts are ones that continually have broadened bolt, and they withdraw once the door handle, lever, or handle is locked in because of the constriction of the spring system.

These spring-stacked bolts work hand-in-hand with the inclined surface of the bolt. Deadbolt features are quite different. To withdraw or expand a deadbolt (basically to open or close a deadbolt), the homeowner would need to utilize either a thumb-turn or a key to manually carry out this task.

Latch bolts are spring-loaded as well as beveled. The spring used in latch bolt construction maintains the extension of the bolt unless an external force is applied by turning the handle of the door.

Most deadbolts will expand up to about ¾” to 1″ inside the strike plate while latch bolts will expand roughly ¼” to ½” inside the strike plate. Since homeowners have come to know, the deadbolt broadens a lot further into the strike, and this, thus, makes it substantially more impervious to brute force since more power should be applied to get it liberated from the strike.

Furthermore, homeowners ought to get a lock that is of the highest grade, which fundamentally implies that it has experienced a series of tests, and it has been proven to be one of the strongest in the market. Additionally, they should purchase locks that offer them a high level of control and permits them to keep track of who has duplicates of keys to their home. Key control helps to eliminate bad scenarios because it reduces the chances of someone duplicating your key. This, in turn, keeps your home secure.

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