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Residential Service Dallas

Residential Locksmith

Wherever you call home, from house to apartment, you may need the skills of a residential locksmith. We’re ready to help you if you are locked out of your home or have lost your keys. When your locks aren’t working as they should, we can assist.

We can also help with all your residential locksmith needs that include repairs to locks and other security devices, providing replacement keys, and even completely upgrading the security around your home.

Safes, deadbolts, and lockboxes pose no problem, and we can help without external locks for your gates. We only use high-quality parts to guarantee your safety and security.

Commercial Lock Services

Commercial Locksmith

For a commercial locksmith that prioritizes customer service, look no further. We provide a complete commercial locksmith service that includes repairing locks and keys, installation of deadbolts, and new equipment to increase the security of your business.

We can help you protect your building, storage area, parking lot, and other locations with secure locks. If you’ve lost a set of keys, we can provide replacements. Lock repairs and cylinder changes can be completed, and we’re happy to install deadbolts and high-quality locks of all kinds.

Snapped keys and keypad entry systems can be worked on, and we are here whenever you need a commercial locksmith service.

Automotive Lock & Key

Automotive Locksmith

For a fast response to your automotive locksmith, choose SOS Locksmith. With efficient and highly skilled team members who are on call 24 hours a day, we’ll be able to help you get back in the driving seat quickly.

If you have a car you can’t get into, a truck that won’t work with a transponder key, or your key has snapped off in the ignition, we can help. Lock, key, and barrel replacements are available to get you out of the trickiest situation.

We’ll get you back in control again eve if you’ve lost or misplaced your keys. Replacement keys are available, and we always use high-quality products to make certain our repairs and replacements last.

Emergency Lockout

Emergency Locksmith

When you need a locksmith in any kind of emergency, make sure to choose SOS Locksmith. We operate a 24-hour 7-day-a-week emergency locksmith service. We are ready to help you at any time of the day or night.

We work on any kind of lock, including vehicles, doors, safes, and more – and we’ll come to your home or business (or wherever your vehicle is) to make sure your problem is solved.

Our team members are friendly and skilled in all locksmith services – we’re happy to tackle whatever problem you are facing.

Broken, lost, or snapped keys pose no problem, and we’ll be with you before you know it.

24 hour Locksmith

24 hours Locksmith

Your needs for a locksmith may not fall within usual working hours, which is why we offer a 24 hours locksmith service. Call on us any time of the day or night for friendly and professional service. We are happy to help in an emergency or if you just need to arrange a job outside of normal hours.

Every service we offer is available 24 hours a day, from home lockouts to commercial and industrial locksmith services. If you need a vehicle problem solving by a locksmith, just call us at any time of the day or night.

We’ll be with you quickly and we’ll get the job done as soon as possible.

Car Key Replacement Dallas

Car Key Replacement

If you’ve never misplaced or lost your keys before you’ll know how difficult it can be. We offer a car key replacement service to relieve your stress and help you to get back on the road again. Providing car key replacement for all makes and models of vehicle, we keep up with latest technology to ensure we can assist.

Car key replacements can be provided if you have lost your keys, broken them, or even snapped them off in a lock.

Our professional locksmiths will travel to your location and solve the issue for you, helping on your way.

Car Lockout Dallas

Car Lockout

Don’t be frustrated by a car lockout, call in the experts at SOS Locksmith to fix the problem for you quickly.

Car lockouts can be caused by any number of reasons including losing your key, faulty or broken locks, or even locking your key inside the car. We’ll evaluate your problem and take the most direct route of action to get you back in your car again.

We can provide replacement keys, fit new locks, and even offer transponder key reprogramming. We’ll do whatever is needed to help you regain access to your vehicle, letting you drive away safely and with ease.

House Lockout

House Hockout

Don’t panic about a house lockout – we are the team of professional locksmiths that can get you back in again.

From problems such as a faulty deadbolt or keys that you simply can’t find, we can get you back in. Broken keys or security devices that have become jammed can be resolved and you’ll be back in your home again with the minimum of fuss.

Keys that refuse to turn in locks, or even keys that you can see locked inside on the table, it makes no difference to us. We’ll get your door open and you can carry on with your life as before.

Industrial Locks & Keys Services Dallas

Industrial Locksmith

An industrial locksmith will keep your business and equipment safe by providing enhancements to your security and helping you get in when you’re locked out. Every business needs security that is as strong and effective as possible, and we can install strong and high-quality locks.

We install interior and exterior locks and security devices, and can upgrade, repair, or replace existing locks and keys.

We are happy to work on gate locks, door locks, and multiple types of security devices including padlocks and keypad entry systems. Your safety and security are our business, and we are ready to help at any time of the day or night.

Lock Changs Dallas

Lock Change Service

Changing your locks with our lock change service will increase the security of your home or business. The reason for changing your locks can vary from wanting to keep someone out to upgrading your level of safety and security, but whatever the reason – we can help.

We use high-quality locks so you can be certain that your security will be increased when we install a new lock for you. Older locks may be easy to pick or break, but new locks provide safety through the use of the latest technology.

Our team will change your locks quickly and easily, giving you peace of mind and causing the minimum of fuss.

Locksmith Near You Dallas

Locksmith Near Me

When you need locksmith services that solve your problems simply and easily, look for a locksmith near me to get the job done.

A locksmith near me will know how to find your location, and you can be confident that we’ll do everything possible to provide great service to our local community. You may be left waiting for a locksmith from miles away to attend and assist, but we’ll be with you quickly to resolve whatever problem you have encountered.

You can trust a locksmith near me to get the job completed effectively, so choose SOS Locksmith for all your local locksmith needs.

Rekey Locks Dallas

Rekey Locks

We can rekey locks to retain the look of the original lock but giving you the security of using a new key. Your key is inserted into part of the lock known as the cylinder which is set up to accept a single key. Keys that are not identically shaped will not fit and turn the lock.

We rekey locks by removing the cylinder and replacing it with a new one, which means that only keys that match the new cylinder will be able to turn the lock.

This can help with lock malfunctions but is also a great solution to enhance your security.

Electronic Safes

Electronic safes are designed for keeping your valuables out of the hands of other people – but what do you do when they keep them out of your hands too?

Electronic safe locks can fail, and you may not be able to access the contents of your safe. Don’t worry, as the team at SOS Locksmith can help.

We’ll quickly gain access to your electronic safe allowing you to retrieve your possessions without any worry. We can also provide a solution that helps to stop a reoccurrence of the situation, whether it’s a replacement lock or an entirely new safe.

High Security Locks

If safety is a priority, high security locks offer the maximum protection for you, your home, your family, or your business. Designed to deter would-be intruders, high security locks are strong and difficult to break or bypass.

We can install high security locks on your doors, windows, gates, and in other locations. They can be used to replace existing locks or as entirely new security upgrades. We only use quality products that will last, as a high security lock only provides protection while it is in working order.

Our high security locks are built to last and will keep you safe for years to come.

Fix / Repair Locks

When your lock isn’t doing what it should, we can fix it to make your life simple again. Locks that won’t open or locks that won’t close can cause problems, especially if what is behind the lock is valuable. We work hard to fix locks that are jammed and can even help when your key just spins in the lock.

You don’t always need to replace a broken or damaged lock and choosing to repair locks can save time and money. There may be no need for replacement keys and the repair could be simple.

When you need someone to examine and repair locks that aren’t working, get in touch.

Unlock Cars

With many different types of keys being used to unlock cars, you need a trained and professional locksmith service to assist when you need to unlock cars. You might have lost your keys, or your key could simply have snapped in the lock. Perhaps your transponder key isn’t communicating with the lock, and you can’t get in the car.

We provide a complete automotive locksmith service that includes the option to unlock cars that you can’t open.

Our team members attend quickly and are professional, delivering our locksmith service to unlock cars and reduce your stress. Don’t worry about being locked out of your vehicle as we have the skills to help you.

Lock Installation / Replacement

When you need a lock fitting or replacing, SOS Locksmith can provide a complete lock installation and lock replacement service. We can install locks where there have previously been none, and we can replace existing locks too.

This is ideal if your lock is broken or insecure as a new lock will work well and provide enhanced security. Lock installation can be tricky if you are inexperienced as precise measurements need to be made for the lock to fit well – our team members are all highly trained and skilled locksmiths.

If you need lock replacement or lock installation completing safely, get in touch.

Remove Broken Key

While you may have strong locks at your home or business, it is entirely possible that your key can prevent you from accessing the building or your vehicle. Keys can snap off in locks, which means that even if you have a spare key available you won’t be able to use it.

We can remove broken keys from all kinds of locks, allowing you to re-enter your home, get your car started, or lock up your business. When you need to remove a broken key from any lock, call on the professionals at SOS Locksmith to complete the task simply and efficiently.

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