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It is no news that homeowners these days always take extra measures when it comes to securing their homes especially the front entrance, there is usually more focus on the security of the entrance of the home or office, some still go further in taking extra measures on the windows of the building and in most cases they overlook the security of the patio doors in the building that is if the buildings have patio doors. Burglars and criminals know that homeowners usually tighten security in the front entrance of their home and they get into the home, not through the front door but through a side entrance or back entrance which is usually a patio door, because of this, one should use security measures for your patio door like patio door locks.

Patio door also called a sliding door normally doesn’t use locks when they come ordinary, they used to come with latches but then the security in latches is not as good as the security in locks except you have a patio door that comes with installed locks. Being that burglars are aware of this, they will constantly target the patio door to the front entrance as earlier said. Also, the patio door is usually located in a more concealed location on the side or back of the building where neighbors or passers-by are likely not to notice anyone trying to gain forced entry into your home.

Patio Door Locks Dallas

Upgrading the security of your patio door one should think like a criminal, think of the easiest means of entrance and how it can be achievable with less stress and get locks for the patio door, in such a situation, you’ll find several different designs of locks for your patio doors. There is the type that is designed to lock in various positions, which gives space for a 3-inch ventilation opening without breaching or reducing security. This form of luck also prevents little ones from getting out of the house and still allows for proper ventilation into the apartment.

Installing a patio door lock shouldn’t be that difficult especially with the help of professionals like the Dallas SOS locksmith services, the lock should not be more than $100 at the most. Installing the patio door lock, one has to look out for the bracket, pin, pin cover, and screw 3 plate cover that fit well at the top of the door to secure the door. The basic equipment needed to install a patio door lock is a power drill with bits and a square head, also you will need quality screwdrivers, scissors, tape to help when installing the template and ensuring it is well aligned on the frame of the door.

There are various types of patio door locks available when planning to install locks on your patio door, there is the top and bottom key-operated lock which is known as the main type and most popular type of lock, the central rail key-operated lock, and the key-operated multi-point locking system.

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