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You go visit a friend or a relative and to your surprise, they used the same key to open the lobby door to open the other door to their house but you can see that the locks are different brands but just one key can access these separate doors and then you are thinking to yourself if this is a form of magic or what it could be, well, it is real as it gets and not a form of magic, they are also not doing this to compromise the security of their home or put themselves in jeopardy as no one would plan to compromise the safety of themselves, property and home on purpose. Far from it. What you just saw is just a master key at work.

Master keys are something that a lot of people get attracted to. The confusing nature and the surprise that comes with operating a master system in the locks of your home is where this attraction comes from. Questions like, how is one key opening two doors, but another key opening one door cannot open the second door and it could even be a different key entirely? Is it the key that is special? What is special about that particular key? Is it the creativity and working system of the lock? All these questions and more comes racing in your head, but it’s nothing to be scared about. If you own a business, organization that deals with hierarchy in accessing some areas of your organization, then a master key can be very useful.

Master Keying Dallas

When a key can operate a set of several locks it is known as a master key. You should know that there is nothing special about the key but rather the locks into which it will fit have been modified to fit the key known as the master key. There has been a configuration of the master key lock to operate two or more different keys, one key precise for each lock and cannot operate any other lock in the set known as the change key, and the master key which can operate all the locks in the set.

There is a second set of machines used to operate them and it’s identical in all the other locks in the set for every lock that has a master key. To make it more secure, one will need to spend more by getting the assistance of professional and experienced locksmith like the Dallas SOS locksmith because the locks should have two cylinders, one for the change key and the other for the master key.

This content should help every homeowner understand the basics of a master key system, it is not as twisted or brain-racking and complicated as you may think. There are the various keys in the master key system, here we will start from the least access to the most accessible and the necessary keys a master key system should have;

The change key

This is the least key in the master key system. The change key can only open one lock and only locks that are the same as the normal lock for the key. The master key and any other key above can also open the locks that the change key opens. It is the first necessary key in the master key system.


The master key

This is the most important key in the master key system and why it is called the master key system. The master key and the change key are the necessary keys in the master key system. This is the necessary key to change a simple lock into a master keyed lock. For some systems, it is the highest-ranking key.

There is also the grand-master key which is the key that opens other master key locks and the subsequent change key lock in the system. Some people don’t use this as there is also the great-grand master key, not necessarily only if you choose to do it.

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