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The mortise locks are popular among older homes and in commercial applications, there are various types of mortise locks but they all work alike and the same operation. The mortise lock may have fluctuated in popularity as they are modern security locks this era used by people and organizations. Nonetheless, they remain one of the most common ways to secure our homes. As I earlier said, it has not been able to keep up with its popularity as they are more innovative locks presently than they used to be. These days many homeowners prefer the newer cylindrical type of lockset, which doesn’t need you drilling a big pocket in your door like the traditional mortise lock.

The mortise lock is available in either a deadlock or a sash lock. The former (deadlock) is operated by a key only while the sash lock has a deadbolt sprung latch bolt that catches when the door is closed, this will require a handle to operate. Before changing a mortise lock you should know that it is held in place using two different screws placed at the bottom and the top. Firstly you should remove the plate and lock by unscrewing the screw. If your mortise lock is in a deadlock form, then you can just unscrew them but if it is in a sash lock you have to remove the handle since it works with a handle.

Change Mortise Locks Dallas

When changing the mortise lock to a newer model, it is important that you measure carefully from front to back and how many meters to the center keyhole. Ensure to check properly before installing the new lock. Your new lock should either fit the hole the old lock was taken out from or you may have to create a new hole in the door which may not give a neat look to the door.

For instance, you want to change your mortise lock to a knob set, before installing the knob set, you will have to first remove the mortise lock, then you will have to cover the extra space which had to be cut open to enable closing the door effectively where the door meets the door jam when closed, fill this space with something like a wood filler, insert the doorknob into the door after installing it and endeavor to check if it is working perfectly before you start using it.

To avoid situations that are uncalled for and what may lead to regret, you should ensure you have the right replacement lock you want to install prepared with you. You should also have equipment like a drill, hammer, door lock installation kit, and a screw. Go to any hardware store or a professional locksmith to get more information and help you will need. The SOS locksmith in Dallas and the whole of Texas will be of great service to you by giving you pieces of information like the cost, time involved and best model. You should either ask professionals to do the job or tell them to point out the right material, either way, you will have no form of regret contacting the Dallas locksmith services.

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