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A deadbolt lock also known as a deadlock is a type of locking mechanism for security purposes which is quite different from its counterpart the spring bolt lock. It is impossible to move the deadbolt lock to an open position without the use of the right key rotating it to the right position which is why it is known as one of the top security locks any homeowner can have in their house. Having a deadbolt lock in your house simply means, you have made your door or doors more resistant to entry without the correct key and process.

When it comes to securing your home or business and protecting your goods and properties, it is best to take precautionary measures instead of putting yourself in a remorseful position or having regrets. One easy and effective way of securing your properties and buildings is to install deadbolt locks on your door which has a lot of advantages. Dallas locksmith service which is the SOS locksmith services has been delivering locksmith services by our professionals and qualified servicemen in Dallas and the whole of Texas for 20 years and counting.

Dead Bolts Locks Dallas

Single cylinder deadbolt lock:- This is a type of deadbolt lock known as a simple deadbolt lock that can be opened with a key from one side while the other side doesn’t need a key to open because there is a thumb piece there used to operate the lock. The side that requires a key to open is placed outside while the other side with the thumb piece is placed inside. It is advised not to place the single deadbolt lock on a glass door where burglars and hooligans can break the glass, put their hand inside and turn the thumb, gaining access to your home.

Double cylinder deadbolt lock:- In a double cylinder deadbolt lock, you have to operate them with keys from both sides, unlike the single cylinder deadbolt lock. These particular deadbolt locks can be used in a building where there are glass doors. But the double cylinder deadbolt locks hinder easy access in time of emergency.

Keyless cylinder deadbolt lock:- The keyless cylinder deadbolt lock doesn’t need a key or a knob to operate and open, it can simply be opened with a code or a fingerprint scan. So anyone who doesn’t have the right code or who isn’t the right occupant with a registered fingerprint scan will not be able to access the door.

It is no news burglars and hooligans can bypass normal locks due to its spring mechanism or even break them with crowbars or something else, but due to a deadbolt strong design, trying to force them open is almost impossible. Due to its strong nature, the deadbolt takes more time to break open or destroy which hinders the thief’s ability to perform operations quickly as possible thereby increasing the chance of getting caught.

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