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An electronic lock is also known as an electric lock is a type of locking device that can only be operated or function optimally through electric current. In some cases, electric locks usually have an electronic control system fixed directly to the lock independently of any foreign control. As a homeowner or property owner, you can also remotely monitor and control the electronic lock to both lock and unlock.

Also, we have some other electronic locks that are connected to a separate access control system unlike the former, but this type of electronic lock connected to a separate control system has its own advantage like key control, here the owner can decide to add keys and removed them without rekeying the lock cylinder, it also takes factor of transaction logging where any activity performed in the log are recorded and also time and place factor which is a great aspect of access control.

Electronic Locks Dallas

The operation in the electronic locks varies and is different from other forms of mechanism in other locks. The electric locks operate with the use of solenoids, magnets or motors in the activation of the lock by either cutting the power or supplying power. One can operate the electric lock in any form you choose, either in a simple form as a switch or a more complex form like the biometric-based access control system which top organizations that need high-security use. Talking about the operational mechanism of an electronic lock, there are two basic forms in the operation which are the preventing mechanism and operation mechanism.

There are different types of electronic locks, but we will be taking into consideration two popular types common among property owners;

Electromagnetic Locks

The electromagnetic lock also called a magnetic lock is the most basic type of electronic lock known popularly and informally as the maglock is a large electromagnet that is placed on the frame of the door and a reciprocal armature is placed on the door. The operation of the lock is quite easy, as soon as the door is locked and the magnet is powered, the armature is held fast and strong to the magnet. One disadvantage of the magnetic lock is that one must unlock the mag lock to both gain access and to leave but the mag locks are easy to install and are quite resistant to attack.

Electronic Strikes

The electronic strikes are known as electric strikes and electric latch release. You can easily install the electric strikes when they are designed for a specific drop-in replacement of a standard strike since the electric strike replaces the standard strike placed on the door frame and gets the latch and latch bolt, but in some cases, the door frame needs to be heavily modified for some electric strikes designs.

The electronic locks in general have great benefits for every homeowner, with the help of the Dallas locksmith services which is SOS locksmith, be sure to get the utmost benefits of the electronic locks. Benefits like;

Keyless entry:– with your code known to you alone, you gain access no more fear of misplacing keys or fear of unwanted persons having the keys to your home.

Remotely access your door lock:- with an electronic lock you can access the door lock from anywhere with your device, you are not sure if you lock your door or not, with your device you can access it and lock it.

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