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Car owners are always fascinated when they discover that a service like a lock rekeying exists. For most of our clients in Dallas, the term sounds like magic. However, you are not alone if you have not stumbled on this term or used this service before. Most times, automobile owners prefer to change their locks entirely rather than rekeying. We are not trying to say that it is wrong for you to change the door locks, but why not try out other options at your disposal.

You can choose the option of rekeying your locks, and in some cases, it is better than changing the door lock entirely. This is because it allows you to retain your original key, which will work on the new lock. If you are confused about the best choice to make for your home, you can consult with us, and we will equip you with the necessary information you need to make a decision. We will help you navigate all the available options and arrive at the right choice.

Rekey Car Keys Dallas

To help you do this, we will check what rekeying the lock will entail and the impact it will have on your car locks and ignition. The word “rekey” has certainly given you some insight into how this service works. What we will do is to restructure the wafers of the lock to enable work with your original car key, of course, without compromising your car locks. Perhaps, it looks like a simple task, but it will be a difficult task to accomplish if you are not a well-trained locksmith. This is where we come in.

In the most basic explanation, you get to keep your old key. But the key you were using before will no longer function with the lock. We have thoroughly understood this concept, and that is why we can easily handle your lock rekeying and produce the best results.

For us to rekey your lock, we will need your permission to access the lock cylinder. We always advise that you sort the services of a professional to avoid complications to the process. You certainly do not compromise your safety simply because you are trying to save costs by not engaging the services of a locksmith. You need to note you can jeopardize your car security if you decide to carry out this process on your own without a good knowledge of what to do.

While rekeying your lock, we focus on the lock cylinder as well as the keys that within the cylinder. They are the major components we re-engineer in the rekeying process.

At SOS Locksmith, our customers always come first. To that effect, we offer 24/7/365 services, which means you can call us even at odd hours. We have a team of professionals who can rekey locks of any kind. Whenever you need our services, all you need to do is get in touch, and we will be there to help you in no time.

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